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MAN at the NMW 18 and IAA

By Editorial Team on August 31, 2018

MAN is launching two vehicles at the IAA in Hanover in September. Check them out in person, and head over to Pavilion 11, Section D of the NMW to see Stefan Klatt, Head of Corporate Communications for MAN Truck & Bus, speak on The Future of Urban Logistics on Monday, 24. September.

MAN eTGE 4.140

The MAN plant in Września will start production in July and the fully electric-driven MAN eTGE 4.140 will celebrate its world première at the IAA 2018 Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. With a range of around 160 kilometres and a payload of 1 t–1.75 t (depending on type approval), it is sure to be roaring success for last mile logistics. The MAN eTGE is powered by the very latest vehicle technology and electrical components that have already proven successful in mass production. As well as driving towards the future of the transportation industry in environmental terms, customers opting for the MAN eTGE will also enjoy a wide range of financial benefits.

Statistically speaking, 70% of lightweight commercial vehicles used in urban areas average less than 100 kilometres a day. The average speed reached here is low. Combined with frequent starting and stopping in dense urban traffic, the set of requirements this entails almost perfectly describes the ideal application for electric vehicles. For this reason, the MAN eTGE 4.140 will launched for these applications in the near future.

Electric vehicles need to be connected to a charging station at the end of the day – and the MAN eTGE is no exception here. However, if you consider how natural it has become to charge smartphones overnight, for example, the charging cycle is practically no longer an argument to be made against e-mobility in the commercial vehicle sector. The MAN eTGE is charged at an AC wallbox, reaching 7.2 kilowatts in around five-and-a-half hours. Rapid recharging from zero to 80% is possible within 45 minutes if a DC charging station is available with a combined charging system (CCS) and 40 kilowatts of charging power.

Tradespeople or fleet customers that opt for the MAN eTGE will enjoy financial benefits. They can take part in their country’s e-subsidy schemes and take part in zero-emission tenders. The eTGE is not subject to restrictions on entry stemming from any bans on diesel vehicles and allows for early, late and night-time deliveries in metropolitan areas, as it can move very quietly free of engine noise. The lack of an internal combustion engine also has another useful effect: in terms of maintenance, the eTGE has significantly fewer moving parts. This means that various types of typical servicing work such as oil and oil filter changes are not necessary. These factors are attractively reflected in the total cost of ownership (TCO). Last but not least, MAN eTGE owners show a forward-looking commitment to the environment, which they can communicate to their customers.

MAN launches practical electric truck based on TGM
MAN Truck & Bus has been working on new solutions for urban delivery and waste management since 2009. Cities are increasingly facing the challenge of balancing the need to provide a healthy climate and high quality of life for their residents with the demands of urban goods traffic and delivery logistics. Essential requirements include devising concepts to shift high-volume traffic away from city centre areas and out of peak times, as well as new approaches to using available space and new mobility concepts.

In response to those trends, MAN presented the next step in commercial vehicle e-mobility: an all-electric eTruck solo chassis distribution vehicle featuring a swap body frame with a 6×2 axle configuration. The 26-tonne vehicle based on the MAN TGM incorporates batteries that can be installed under the cab and on the side of the frame, providing a range of up to 180 km. The air suspension on the front and rear axles ensure adaptability to any urban loading scenario. The electric motor mounted in the centre of the frame supplies 264 kW of power, transmitting the 3100 Nm of torque to the drive wheels with no gears. Designed to handle classic city logistics tasks, the vehicle is suitable for a wide variety of different body applications, from dry freight carrying or refrigerated box vans to refuse collector units. The additional drive systems needed for such applications are also electric.

CNL practical trials in Austria
The new all-electric MAN TGM 6X2 chassis provides the technical basis for nine vehicles which are scheduled to begin practical trials at nine member companies of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL) in autumn 2018. The vehicles are primarily 6×2 chassis units featuring refrigerated box van units, swap bodies and beverage units. The trial vehicles also include a tractor-trailer unit based on the MAN TGM. MAN is utilising the findings from the operational trials to develop its future product portfolio of series-produced electric trucks.

The eTruck development and testing programme form part of the MAN Truck & Bus eMobility Roadmap for urban transport solutions which are scheduled to be included in the product portfolio starting in 2021. The concept involves trucks and buses using a shared eMobility kit which will be available in future for a wide variety of applications.

Images courtesy of MAN.

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