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Five Startups to Watch in 2018

By Editorial Team on January 4, 2018

These past years have been marked with a great number of innovations, acquisitions and collaborations transforming the mobility and logistics sector. Autonomouy cars, ride sharing networks, innovative mobility solutions and visions of urban mobility will transform the way people get around. A host of startups have come onto the scene to disrupt the future of trucking and transportation. Here are five startups to watch out for in 2018:

Commercialization of Autonomous Driving Technology

Fatigue, route uncertainty and improper driving practices are said to be the main causes of driving accidents. With its expertise in computer vision, algorithms, mapping and AI, enable TuSimple intends to tackle those issues by creating one of the first commercially viable autonomous truck driving platform. “China’s trucking industry is costly, inefficient and dangerous” and TuSimple’s technology “can reduce the casualty rate to 25 per cent of the current level.” Said Mo Chen Co-founder & CEO of TuSimple. The company raised $55 million in November last year, and will test two full truck fleets in China and the United States.

Same Day Shipments at a Competitive Price

The road haulage industry has been stuck doing things the same way for the past 30 years, limited by complicated telephone and email transactions that could be speeded up and made more efficient using the right technology. OnTruck is a European company dedicated to bringing the road freight transport industry to the 21st century by making trucking simple and transparent and giving shippers and carriers back control. The startup uses its technology to seamlessly connect businesses with carriers and provide a freight delivery network that allows any company to make immediate shipments.

Making Logistics Human, Faster and Safer

Rivigo is built for clients who need, reliable, professional and super-express logistics services. By using simple processes, advanced technology, trained and professional staff, the company help clients manage long haul logistics seamlessly. Equipped with several sensors and IoTs, the trucks generate trillions of data points from many different sources like the vehicles’ GPS, fuel sensors, vital sensors, driver app etc. This data is then processed, analysed and consumed, transforming Rivigo trucks into smart trucks.

Rivigo coordinates delivery trucks going between different cities, using technology and innovative operational processes. It aims to significantly improve the truck driver ecosystem and operational efficiencies while doing so.

Self-Driving Vehicles Built for Safety

Embark believes that automated trucks will be of huge benefits in long haul stretches where the potential for unexpected obstacles is relatively low. Equipped with advanced sensors and software, “smart trucks” can navigate safely and spare the human driver’s time and energy. In the city, the professional driver can easily take over and to reach its final destination. The company is testing a level 2 autopilot system and is currently delivering refrigerators between Texas and California.

Shippers meet carriers. Carriers meet shippers

Based in Austin, Uship developed a shipping marketplace that helps its customers to connect with trusted, feedback-rated service providers of all kinds—large companies, small fleets, single-truck owners and even roadtrippers—that offer extra cargo space at a discount. uShip makes it easy and affordable to price, book, and ship everything from cars , cranes, freight to furniture.

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