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Urban Mobility

Best Reads of the Week: July 31 – August 4

By Editorial Team on August 4, 2017

Every week we’ll share a selection of the most recent news that grab our attention. Here are our favorite picks of the week:

Older People Will Need Much Better Transit

CityLab – Laura Bliss

By 2030, almost 20 percent of Americans will be 65 or older. This population needs a better public transit to enjoy a healthier and safer urban life. Indeed, an improved public transit will prevent social isolation and will make it easier for them to access medical care. Microtransit appears to be the smartest, most efficient and most personalized mobility solution for the aging population.

Smart Cities Have the Ability and Responsibilities to Tackle Social Issues

Readwrite – Justin Bean

The enormous amount of data analyzed and extracted by smart cities enable them to find new ways to innovate and improve citizens’ life. As cities develop new ways to make sense of data, smart technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence or machine learning are now ready to tackle the most pressing social challenges: homelessness, transportation and public safety.

A Pod Races Through the Hyperloop for the First Time Ever

Wired – Alex Davies

Hyperloop One as successfully tested its XP-1 passenger pod, reaching a speed of up to 192 mph. Hyperloop One intends to push its pods at speeds closer to 750 mph but the company is already demonstrating its strength by building resilient prototypes. “This is the dawn of the age of commercialization for the hyperloop,” says Shervin Pishevar, Hyperloop One’s executive chairman and cofounder.

In the Future, Your Car Will Read Your Biology to Make Decisions for You

Futurism – Kristin Houser

A growing number of automakers are developing vehicles that can interact with their environments and passengers. Ari Teman, inventor, designer and technologist is exploring the different ways vehicles will interact with humans. According to him, biometrics which is “the ability for a vehicle, an environment, or a service to recognize who you are and how you are,” is one of the biggest developments in transportation in recent years.

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