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Best of The Week

Best of the Week – CW 36

By Editorial Team on September 7, 2018

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

Uber Builds Its Own E-Scooters

Everybody aboard the e-scooter hype-train! E-scooters are becoming more popular by the minute, with Uber now wanting to use more e-scooters than cars over short distances, therefore building its own e-scooter.

The Obstacles for the Future of the Sharing-Economy

Bikes, cars, cabs – the sharing economy has become part of daily life. We can almost not remember a time before ride-, bike- and carsharing, and it’s hard to imagine the future without it. And yet, according to Business Insider, there are three problems that could impede the future of the ride-sharing economy.

The Reasons for America’s Struggling Mass Transit System

America – the land of the free, the land of unlimited possibilities, and the land of the Ford F150 and the Dodge Ram. Besides the Stars and Stripes or hollywood stars, America is well-known for pickup trucks and SUVs, but less so for an efficient mass transit system. With almost 250M Americans living in cities, the question becomes why the US struggles to set up a system that would benefit the nearly 80% of its citizens that live in urban settings.

To Infinity and Beyond

“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyagers of the Starship Enterprise […]. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life.”

These are the iconic opening lines of the Star Trek Enterprise. But maybe in the near future we won’t need the Enterprise to travel to this final frontier. Maybe we won’t even need a spaceship. Why? Because Japan plans the first test runs for its Space Elevator Project.

Apple Self-Driving Car Involved in Accident

Since the deadly accident involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars, the technology in AVs is under constant scrutiny. News broke of one of Apple’s autonomous vehicles being involved in a crash, but no one was injured and apparently the Apple car was not at fault.


Image Source: Adrian Schwarz on Unsplash

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