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NEW MOBILITY WORLD @IAA 2019Frankfurt/Main, September 10–15, 2019

NMW17 is just a click away

Relive the Moment and Be Inspired

With its three formats HALL, FORUM and PARCOURS, NMW offers various ways to experience, discuss and showcase tomorrow’s mobility. Discover the highlights of the event and watch all the talks held on the FORUM Main Stage during those four amazing days.

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Media Night - September 12, 2017

  • New Mobility World 2017 — Opening Media Night with Matthias Wissmann

  • Media Night with Markus Frank

  • Media Night / Steven Armstrong: Create New Mobility Solutions with Cities

  • Media Night with Marc Ritter: Partnerships Bring Innovation Forward

  • Media Night Panel: Digitization of the Mobility Sector

FORUM Main Stage - September 14, 2017

  • Matthias Kässer: Navigating the AI Landscape in Mobility and Automotive

  • John Kitchingman: Making Sense of Big Data

  • Nir Erez: Making Sense of Big Data

  • Stephan Brand: New Mobility, New Ecosystem, New Opportunities

  • John Absmeier: The Age of Smarter Machines

  • Mike Tzamaloukas: Dynamic Maps for Autonomous Cars

  • Dr. Karl-Heinz Glander: AI in the World of Mobile Applications

  • Marek Neumann: Why Flexibility Matters in Autonomous Car Design

  • Louay Eldada: The Self-Driving Revolution Hinges on One Technology: LIDAR

  • New Mobility World 2017 — Erez Dagan: Everything is Connected

  • Steve Mollenkopf: The Future of Automotive

  • New Mobility World 2017: How Far Can V2X Connectivity Take Us?

  • Robert Anderson: 3M "Smart" Materials for Connected & Automated Vehicles

  • Patrick Kelder: Non Oriented Electrical Steel for Traction Motors

  • Tamim Sidiki: Electric, Connected, Autonomous

  • Jonathan Verhaar: World's first Structural Bio-Based Car

  • Xiandong Liu: Advanced Electrical Steels Products For EV Traction Motors

  • Patrick Muezers: Polyscope's Vision on Future Mobility

  • Rupert Stadler: City of Tomorrow // The Integration of Everything

  • Ben Stanley: A New Relationship - People & Cars

  • Mobility of the Future Will Run on Algorithms, Not Horsepower

  • Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta: Transport Companies As Mobility Service Providers

  • Roberto Vavassori: City of Tomorrow // Future Urban Transport

  • Christoph Weigler: The Future of Urban Mobility

  • Jürgen Bilo: City of Tomorrow // Future Urban Transport

FORUM Main Stage - September 15, 2017

  • Peter Rawlinson: Lucid Air and the Future of Luxury

  • Arnd Weil: Autonomous Driving & New Interaction Between Cars & Passengers

  • Michael Heckmeier: How Tomorrow's Mobility Influences Today's Technologies

  • Helmut Matschi: Man and Machine // Beyond Buttons and Levers

  • Kurt Sievers: Man and Machine // From Vision Zero to Reality

  • Rolf Behling: An Insurance View on Autonomous Driving

  • Holger Weiss: Reduced Distraction & Optimized the Driver's Cognitive Load

  • Jan Carlson: Towards Safe Autonomous Driving

  • Gustaf Sahlman: How a Tesla Car Can Be Stolen by Hacking the App

  • Timo Littke: Value & Security of Automotive Over-the-Air Updates

  • Jean-Sebastien Paris: Building Digital Mobility ID

  • Sergey Zorin: Cybersecurity Addresses Challenges of Future Connected Cars

  • Brigitte Zypries: Globalized Platform Economies & Data as Raw Materials

  • Thomas Schlick: Status & Outlook of Disruption in the Automotive Industry

  • Gabriel Seiberth: Data-Driven Business Models in Connected Car & Beyond

  • The Sky is the Limit: Rethinking Auto Mobility

  • The Sky is the Limit: Urban Air Traffic Control

  • The Sky Is the Limit: Dawn of A Revolution

  • NMW Lab17 Final // Seniors

FORUM Main Stage - September 16, 2017

  • New Mobility World 2017 – Elektromobilität – zu teuer, zu kompliziert, nicht alltagstauglich?

  • Ethik autonomer Fahrzeuge: Wie sollen Maschinen entscheiden?

  • How Startups Can Help Corporates to Innovate Faster & Better

  • Introduction to the Automotive Internet of Threats

  • Wie autonome Mobilität unser urbanes Umfeld grundlegend verändern wird

FORUM Main Stage - September 17, 2017

  • Die Integration von Speed als Gestaltungsbereiche der New Mobility

  • How European OEMs & Israeli Tech Companies Can Benefit from Each Other

  • Ensuring the Easiest, Smartest and Most Sustainable Mobility for Citizens

  • A European Initiative to get eCars to the Street – now.

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