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NEW MOBILITY WORLD @IAA 2019Frankfurt/Main, September 10–15, 2019
Clean and Sustainable Mobility

The Vision Mobility Think Tank at the NMW

By Editorial Team on September 15, 2018

Decision makers, innovators, and visionaries with a background in the economy, sciences, industry, and society will discuss the future of transportation, logistics, and commercial vehicles during two VISION Mobility THINK TANK talks on the New Mobility World FORUM stage during the 67. IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hannover.

This event series is supported by the partner companies BPW, DKV, and DAKO, and consists of a moderated discussion panel with qualified experts. It will be followed by a second discussion during which audience engagement is encouraged.

Electrification of Commercial Vehicles
Tuesday, September 26, 14:30 – 15:30

Speakers: Christian Lazik (Commercial Vehicle Sales Germany, Daimler), Markus Schell (Managing Director, BPW Bergische Achsen), Edward Jobson (Vice President Emobility, Volvo Trucks)
Moderator: Gregor Soller (Editor-in-Chief, VISION mobility)

Electrification has arrived in the trucking industry, and will soon spill over into the freight transportation sector. Other manufacturers, such as the Daimler subsidiary Fuso, are already working on electric trucks that will go into series production within the next four years. However, for this to work charging infrastructure needs to expand significantly, and one needs to consider that e-trucks aren’t the most effective in all cases. One player is eyeing a move in 2019: Tesla wants to bring its e-trucks to the streets of America next year. This panel discusses the ideal implementation areas for electric commercial vehicles and the necessary requirements for them to succeed.

The truck as “best buddy” –
How artificial intelligence makes the whole truck a partner

Wednesday, September 26, 14:30 – 15:30

Speakers: Marco Reichwein (CEO, Schmitz Cargobull Telematics), Dr Harald Hempel (Head of Innovation and Research, DAKO GmbH), Felix Kybart (Vice President Alternative Powertrains, MAN Truck & Bus AG)
Moderator: Gregor Soller (Editor-in-Chief VISION mobility)

Digitisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are starting to impact every area of our day to day activities. Intelligent systems are increasingly taking on human tasks due to the rapid advancement of technology, including in the logistics and commercial vehicles sectors. The intelligence aims to avoid accidents but is also perceived as a threat to the jobs of many truckers. In this panel, experts will expand on the status quo and how AI can ease the oftentimes stressful and demanding work of the transportation industry, focusing not only on the driving system but on all aspects of daily life in logistics.

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