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NEW MOBILITY WORLD @IAA 2019Frankfurt/Main, September 10–15, 2019
New Mobility World

Speakers to Look Forward to at the NMW – Part 1

By Editorial Team on August 23, 2018

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” – John Cage

Innovations fuel our society. They drive our economy forward and show what humanity is capable of. In the mobility industry, the New Mobility World is the place where innovators and thought leaders, startups and corporates, entrepreneurs and visionaries gather to present their projects and ideas on the possible mobility, logistics and transportation solutions we’ll be using in the near future.

But (there’s always a but?!)this is something everyone could say. Every person knowing how to use Google can hype up ideas and projects without proof of it working. This is why events such as the NMW are the ideal ideal platform to gain insight into which companies are really working behind the scenes on propelling us all forward. Here are five companies to look foward to that will be speaking on the FORUM stage:


There are various challenges for autonomous vehicles. How to react to unforeseen obstacles? How to make it safe – for the driver and for others? How does one organize the communication between the vehicles? But there is one area which has played an insignificant role in the public discussions: Cyber security. The fact is that as vehicles communicate among each other, it is a computer that controls everything they do. Thousands of lines of code make it usable. Therefore AVs become an ideal target for hackers. SafeRide addresses this issue and works on the protection of personal data & privacy, human lives, and more.

Irad Ben Gal (Chief Data Scientist at SafeRide) will be discussing the topic of The next Chapter of Smart Fleet Managament with colleagues from Fleet.tech, Gerd Bär GmbH, Innoman, Has to Be, and ChargePoint on Thursday, September 27, at 1.15pm in Pavilion 11 Section D.


Hydrogen-driven vehicles seem to have been forgotten by people as everybody is talking about electric mobility. But mobility solutions based on hydrogen still have various benefits, especially for heavy vehicles and over long distances. KEYOU, founded late 2015 by former BMW employees, believes in the magic of hydrogen. And with all their expertise they work on a sustainable high-energy fuel for the future. Their mission: to shape the future of mobility in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Dipl. Ing. Thomas Korn (CEO at KEYOU) will be discussing The New Alternatives: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Supercapacitors and Alternative Fuels with colleagues from Webasto, Ballard Power Systems, the German Gas & Water Association, Iveco, and Scania Germany on Tuesday, September 25, at 3:45 pm in Pavilion 11 Section D.

Arrival and Streetscooter:

Chaos. That’s the state of delivery traffic in many cities all over the world. Congested streets, noise, and air pollution are just some of the daily disturbances that city dwellers encounter when wanting to go anywhere. The english company Arrival and the German Streetscooter are trying to put an end to all of that. They have designed and built electric delivery vehicles to ease the situation on the last mile. These little vehicles are free of emissions, practical, and smart.

Andreas Sujata (Speaker Smart City at Streetscooter) will be part of the Panel Discussion: Infrastructure for Alternative Powertrains with colleagues of Liqvis, Dena, VDV, BDEW, and NOW on Tuesday, September 25, at 1.15pm in Pavilion 11 Section D. And Denis Sverdlov (CEO at Arrival) will be discussing the topic of Alternative Powertrains as a Tipping Point for the Commercial Vehicle Industry with colleagues of Aldi Süd, Motiv Power Systems, MAN, Meritor, and Dena on Tuesday, September 25, 10am in Pavilion 11 Section D.


We’re not done with the last mile and electric delivery vehicles yet. The next one: Udelv. They added some autonomous driving into the mix as a little bonus. Udelv develops electric, smart and fully autonomous delivery trucks. Place your order at your favorite store and Udelv’s truck will deliver it to your home and notify you when it’s at its destination. Another click in the app and you can claim your order from the truck. Sounds futuristic doesn’t it? Udelv’s mission is to make this happen.

Daniel Laury (CEO at Udelv) will be discussing the topic of The Enhancement of Automated Driving (and AI) with colleagues of Bosch, Velodyne Lidar, IRU, and TÜV Nord on Wednesday, September 26, at 10am in Pavilion 11 Section D.

Daimler and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The logistics industry is thirsty for innovation. Daimler and Volkswagen are two of the market leaders in mobility, transportation, and logistics, thought leaders, experts. They want to shape the future of these industries with all their expertise and knowledge of these industries. And certainly they’ll insert their expertise in the discussions about the mobility of tomorrow at the New Mobility World.

Marcus Claesson (CIO Daimler Trucks, Buses and Vans at Daimler) will be discussing the topic of The new Era of Smart Data and Intelligent Telematics with colleagues of Laird, Wabaco, idem telematics, and Teraki on Thursday, September 27 at 10am. Björn Sack (Head of connectivity and digital services Mercedes-Benz Vans) will be discussing The Future of Network- and Platform Providers with colleagues of Kapsch TrafficCom, Pamyra, SAP, MotionTag, and Telekom Innovation Laboratories on Monday, September 24, at 1.15pm.

On the Volkswagen side of things Dr. Susanne Leifheit (Head of Foreign Affairs & Corporate Responsibility) will be discussing the issue of The Future of Urban Logistics with colleagues of Frost & Sullivan, DVV, MAN, and Zalando on Monday, September 24 at 11.15. And Rüdiger Prang (Project Manager Urban Logistics) will be giving insights into Urban Logistics with colleagues of temps GmbH, Thinkport Vienna, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the state capital of Hannover on Monday, September 24, at 3.45pm.

They’ll all speak in Pavilion 11 Section D.

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