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NEW MOBILITY WORLD @IAA 2019Frankfurt/Main, September 10–15, 2019
New Mobility World

NMW Lab18 – Get to Know Our Finalists Part 2

By Editorial Team on August 28, 2018

The New Mobility World is only a few weeks away and the finalists of our startup challenge are hard at work preparing their pitch. They’ll be showcasing products and ideas that enable a future of mobility, transportation, and logistics which we have not entirely fathomed yet.

Last week we already introduced you to three of our finalists:Enway, Foresight Automotive, and Bleenco. The time has come to reveal our fourth mystery startup:

Blickfeld develops the next generation of LiDAR sensors for autonomous mobility and IoT applications. The Munich-based startup’s mission is to enable the mass-market adoption of LiDAR-technology. Their long range and wide-field sensors have a wide field of applications ranging from the near field (e.g. for traveling within urban areas), to the far field (e.g for motorway travel), indoor mapping, robotics, or the smart city. This is achieved by a a microfabricated MEMS silicon scanner, making the sensors cost-effective, small and production scalable. Recently, Blickfeld raised a $10 million seed-funding.

LiDARs mounted on vehicles or drones can accurately detect the topography of a wide area. The merged sensor information can be used for localisation, navigation or to create extensive maps, which are essential for planning and constructing roads, bridges, farms and more.

With the line-up of our finalists now complete, the stage is set for the latest edition of the NMW Lab18. The startups will pitch their ideas in front of a high-calibre jury consisting of investors, journalists and mobility experts on the FORUM stage on Wednesday, September 26.

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