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NEW MOBILITY WORLD @IAA 2019Frankfurt/Main, September 10–15, 2019

NMW 18 Guided Tours

By Editorial Team on September 22, 2018

Today we put on our walking boots and headed out on one of the offered guided tours. If you’re visiting the IAA and would like to get an overview of the hot topics in the shortest time possible, the Guided Tours  exactly that. They cover the main fields of Connected Vehicle, Automated Driving, Alternative Powertrain, Urban Logistics and Transport Services.

In each guided tour, a selection of exhibitors present their product highlights, innovative solutions and services. This gives you the unique opportunity to get a compact overview on what’s on offer in your field of interest.

Why take part in a guided tour?

You will be led straight to the highlights, can pass by the lines, and get to know the exhibitors’ contact personnel as well as other interesting co-participants.

The tours take place daily at 10.00 in German and at 14.00 in English. The meeting point is the IC, where you’ll see signage to indicate where you’ll be meeting your guide. The tour lasts for about two hours. 

Tested: Connected Vehicle

The tour we embarked on covered Connected Vehicle. We headed over to Bosch in Hall 16/A01 to learn more about connected mobility, which included electric mirrors, keys replaced by a bluetooth connection on your phone, and vehicle telematics. 

Then we headed over to Bridgestone for their fleetpulse, an app that allows drivers to easily complete their road-compliance checklists and gives owners a real-time view of the whole fleet, letting owners analyse each vehicle at the click of a button. They are in Hall 16/C01. 

Daimler presented three different innovations for Connected Vehicle: Mercedes PRO offers an intelligent connection for fleet managers, drivers, and vehicles to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company in the long run. Fleetboard offers a variety of software and hardware solutions that drive logistics forward. Find out more about their approach to telematics in a previous post here. Last was OMNIPlusON, which integrates all digital services and consolidates them in a clearly structured way. Bus operators have personalised access to all the services they have subscribed to via just one portal. Discover all Daimler has to offer in Halls 14-15, but make sure to follow your guide as we got a bit distracted by the wealth of new trucks and lost the group…

Next up was the team at Volkswagen, with Car-Net and WeConnect Fleet, a central, user-friendly WebPortal which allows the user to have efficient control of their fleet at all times. They save time and money – even with a fleet of just one vehicle. Find them in Hall 12/B04. 


Then we headed over to Mobileye, which helps reduce the risk of accidents for trucks and busses when they oversee pedestrians or cyclists because of a blind spot. Mobileye has multiple camera systems that solve this problem. They are in Hall 13/C25. 

Lastly, we spoke to the gentlemen in green at fleet.tech by LOSTnFOUND, who offer a telematic solution with different products depending on the needs of your fleet. The solutions of LOSTnFOUND bring transparency to the fleet of vehicles and provide savings and efficiency enhancements in the entire supply chain. For more info head to Hall 25/C53. 

We enjoyed the tour immensely as it gave you an opportunity to already meet the exhibitors, ask questions, and return for more detail afterwards. Thanks for taking us, dear NMW Guided Tours team! 

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