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NEW MOBILITY WORLD @IAA 2019Frankfurt/Main, September 10–15, 2019

How Security Can Drive Future OEM Business Models

By Niels Haverkorn on August 28, 2018

Niels Haverkorn, General Manager of Connected Transport at Irdeto, takes us through the importance of security in driving current and future OEM business models. They will be present at the New Mobility World in September, visit them in Hall P11, Booth C303_08 to find out more.

The rapid proliferation of connected devices in recent years has ensured that consumers expect simplicity and increased customization in their lives. Even more recently, this attitude has evolved to encapsulate today’s connected vehicles and, inevitably, the increasingly autonomous vehicles of the future. The development of connected functionality in vehicles has been equally rapid. For example, the ability to use a mobile device and companion application to eliminate the needs for physical keys to a car is already a reality, and functionality is only accelerating from there, such as enabling policy-based driving scenarios.

It’s with the prospect of autonomous vehicles, however, where things get really interesting. Indeed, there is clearly an undoubted focus from all sides – manufacturers, tier one suppliers, consumers and even regulators – on making fully autonomous vehicles a reality in the very near future. However, all parties must understand that this technology cannot become a reality safely, without robust security in place.

A key challenge faced is that increased connectivity brings vulnerabilities that hackers will exploit. Hackers continuously evolve their attack strategies and have exploited vulnerabilities to access vehicle electronic control units (ECUs), controller area network (CAN) bus systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) or even automotive apps through the cloud.

OEMs also need to consider how their business model has the potential to shift as vehicles become increasingly autonomous at different levels. This continuing evolution means that we could see a move from personally-owned vehicles to a fleet model. In this reality, implementing secure mobility-as-a-service and transportation-as-a-service business models will not be a nice to have, it will become essential to maintain a competitive edge. Therefore, protecting business data and securely enforcing policies assigned to the vehicle is crucial to allow business owners to deliver customizable experiences to their customers.

While connected and autonomous vehicles are creating more opportunities for OEMs and tier 1 suppliers, it is imperative that vehicle manufacturers balance safety while implementing a convenient, flexible and customizable driving experience for consumers operating these vehicles. It is strong security that will provide the basis to create these profitable new business models while delivering compelling and exciting new experiences for consumers.

Irdeto at New Mobility World 2018

Irdeto’s Cloakware® for Connected Transport solutions provide a highly effective, multi-layered, renewable and tunable approach to software protection that is future-proof and relies on 20 years of prove success. Irdeto will be exhibiting at New Mobility World and will be demonstrating products from its Cloakware suite including Keystone, a secure, policy-based vehicle access and safety solution, and Keys & Credentials, a managed security service that puts OEMs in control by enabling them to establish a hardware-based root of trust in the module, and own and provision keys on devices in the field. Irdeto will also be demonstrating the most advanced cybersecurity solution for connected and autonomous vehicles. This industry-first solution is the result of a strategic partnership with SafeRide and combines network security with software security on the ECU, allowing OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to detect tampering and anomalies to protect against and respond to cyberthreats.

Image courtesy of Irdeto.

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