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TrustedCars – How the Online Shop Is Changing the Way We Buy Cars

By Editorial Team on August 10, 2017

*This article is powered by TrustedCars

TrustedCars extends the shopping experience of new and used cars beyond any existing channel: you can buy your new car easily online, safe and fast.

As exciting as buying a new car is, the current process has its obstacles: while the next local car dealer might be closely nearby, he might not have the exact car you want, whereas established platforms offer a great variety of vehicles but no security or service included.

TrustedCars combines all the good characteristics of the above – no more compromises. The Online shop offers a big selection of currently over 2000 high-quality new and used vehicles. Each car comes with a TÜV certificate, a 14-day money back guarantee and a 12-month car warranty, and gets delivered right to your doorstep, meaning you don’t even have to leave home to get your new car.
Imagine this in your daily life: you are sitting on the couch with a mobile device, scrolling through a catalogue of high-valency cars, filtered by your own needs and wishes – just how you would do when buying shoes online.

The best about it: the product is just a few clicks away from being yours. Instead of attending time-consuming meetings and having to accept the insecurity about the actual state of the offered car, you can rely on the service TrustedCars provides.

TrustedCars’ vision is to change the way we buy cars by offering an independent platform and replacing the long talks and calls with a 150-point TÜV check, conducted by a car professional who protocols the exact state of the car you are buying. High quality photographs as well as the mentioned warranty package offer the highest security and transparency possible.

Looking for a specific car? Let TrustedCars do the work for you! Another service the Start-up from Frankfurt provides is the search order. You tell their qualified staff what you want, they screen the German market and offer you 5 decent options within 5 days. If you are happy with one of them, they order a TÜV certificate for it, send it your way and let you make your decision. The car gets delivered to you as soon as you are convinced, saving you the pickup journey.

Not only can you buy your new car through TrustedCars, you can also sell your old one. This comes with a wide range of advantages and services for you: TrustedCars creates an ad on their website and other established platforms which are known throughout Germany. You can drive your car until the day a buyer is found, who then also benefits from the service package. All you need to do is meet a TÜV expert at your desired place and time, who inspects the car and takes high quality photos for its advertisement.

TrustedCars Services: Find – Buy – Sell

About TrustedCars

Online shopping as a major part of modern society lead to the idea of founder Simon Toprak to expand the trend onto the automotive industry. TrustedCars was found in 2016 and has been expanding since, currently offering 26 different brands with over 2000 vehicles.

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