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“Our Vision Is That Clean Transportation Systems Should Prevail Both for Logistics and for People”

By Editorial Team on February 13, 2017

Pedro Silva is the Managing Director of Efacec Electric Mobility. Our future New Mobility exhibitor Efacec, develops safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market and is currently working with several renowned brands on the installment of its high power EV charging solutions.

How will we move from A to B in 2037?

Efacec Electric Mobility is committed to a sustainable mobility future. Our vision is that clean transportation systems should prevail, both for logistics and for people. For people, public transport, private vehicles and new forms of mobility, like car sharing, must all be based on clean fuels.

How will your service change the mobility of the future?

We are constantly innovating in providing solutions for electric vehicle charging that are best suited for different types of electric vehicles and different types of utilization of the vehicle, always addressing and managing the impact on the electric grid.
By providing charging solutions for private and public use, from few to hundreds of kW, designed for pure EVs, for PHEVs, buses and special applications, covering small to long range EVs, with different standards and also wireless charging, we make possible the adoption of electric mobility as the major alternative to fossil fuels today, and we believe it will be even more in the next decades.

What are nowadays your biggest challenges?

The electric mobility sector is growing at very high rates, and the technology is evolving rapidly. That is why we focus so much on growth and on innovation, to be able to keep up as one of the top actors in our sector. We dedicate over 10% of our sales to R&D, and we are proud to have always been one of the first companies to offer every new advance that EVs need from the charging perspective.

What are your three demands addressed to politics on a national and international level?

We all need unambiguous and sustained determination to fight climate change and use alternatives to fossil finite sources of energy. New qualified jobs, economic growth and less external dependency, all can be leveraged by promoting the mobility of the future, one that does not cause pollution levels that can make life in the cities very difficult if we go on the same path as until now.

About Efacec Electric Mobility

Efacec Electric Mobility is a company of Efacec Power Solutions and its mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. It is devoted to make electric vehicles part of people’s life, offering a full range of electric vehicles chargers for private, public, fast and wireless segments. The company’s mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions helping to shape new ways of living and new forms of interaction between users, EVs, Chargers and others.

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