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BMW Envisions Elevated Roads for Zero-Emission Commute

By Editorial Team on November 24, 2017

Facing rapid urbanization, traffic congestion and air pollution, cities are pressured to find new flexible, sustainable and convenient ways to move its citizens from A to B. As part of the strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT, BMW Group is developing visionaries mobility solutions that question the car-centric model to address those challenges.

“Our goal is to link sustainable and efficient mobility with a high quality of living in cities. We use new technologies as well as our creativity in order to create innovative approaches as the BMW Vision E³ Way“, explains Dr. Gerd Schuster, Senior Vice President Research, New Technologies and Innovations.

Source BMW Group
Source BMW Group
BMW teamed up with the university of Tongji University in Shanghai to design the BMW Vision E³ Way project. It consists of an elevated road concept for electrically powered two-wheel vehicles which connects traffic hubs, underground stations and shopping malls. Using elevated roads above the existing ones allows to generate additional traffic capacity. Separated with car traffic, this project eliminates any risk of collisions with cars and reduces the general risk of accidents by setting the speed limit to 25 km/h.

“In China, more than a billion people will be living in cities by 2050. The country will become the global incubator for numerous mobility innovations such as the BMW Vision E 3 Way,” said Dr. Markus Seidel.

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