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Laird Connected Vehicle Solutions on the Future of Mobility

By Editorial Team on August 21, 2018

We spoke to the team at Laird Connected Vehicle Solutions (CVS) about what they do and how the technology they are developing is changing the way we’re using everyday mobility solutions.  Read more about them here and catch Dietmar Schnepp, their Product Director of Vehicle Communication Devices (VCD) at the NMW in Hanover during The New Era of Smart Data and Intelligent Telematics panel on Thursday, September 27. 

Laird CVS provides wireless communication and telematics solutions. How do the products you provide impact the mobility of the future?
Laird Connected Vehicle Solutions is a vehicle connectivity Tier1 supplier. We design, develop and manufacture solutions to keep vehicles connected on the move. The impact that our products have to the mobility of the future is about the delivery of scalable, reliable and secure connected vehicle solutions that enable the exchange of high-speed data with the other players in the mobility value chain.

In which way are you contributing to the future of mobility?
Laird CVS’s contribution to the mobility of the future is the complete connectivity system, hardware, software and antennas, that the vehicle needs to be connected and integrated within the mobility value chain, with all the players who are interacting around the vehicle. Laird’s products are not visible to the end user, but without our solutions, the connectivity is just not there!

Not just the autonomous systems are important to develop self-driving vehicles, but the communication between the vehicles is imperative. What are the biggest challenges in developing effective communication models between several autonomous vehicles?
Security and the consolidation of control devices based on industry standards are the starting challenges that we are working out. Since the autonomous car will increasingly become a living room on wheels, the issue of security and privacy is crucial. Working in the 5GAA, 5G Automotive Association and the Car2Car communication consortium we see that security is considered right from the outset.

What are the benefits of smart and intelligent vehicles as well as smart infrastructure for urban areas?
The connected car will help implement new mobility concepts as part of the IoT. Some business models, such as car-sharing services or pay-per-use models, are already successful and will continue to grow in the future. The environmental aspect is also increasing in relevance, especially in times of global warming and problems with air pollution, and requires new solutions and infrastructure measures in the field of electromobility. Generally speaking, mobility solutions of the future will have to manage a balancing act between enabling flexibility and freedom, while cutting costs and space. The intelligent vehicle will be crucial to making those concepts happen.

What do you think of the interplay between startups and larger corporations? Has Laird benefitted from working with a startup?
The interplay between startups and large corporations is offering new interesting models. Laird worked e.g. with startups in the field of EV, having very beneficial exchanges and crucial test fields. An intensive cooperation between different partners is needed. The startups are delivering new ways to solve market problems. The large and experienced corporations are working out solutions and offer hardware and software capabilities to realize proof of concepts and test fields.

About Laird CVS
Laird is a global technology company that enables mission-critical mobile connectivity through wireless applications and antenna systems, and components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat. Products are supplied to all sectors of the electronics industry including Connected Transport, Connected Industry, Connected Medical, Telecom/ Computing, and Mobile Device markets. Laird, a unit of Laird PLC, employs 9,000 people in more than 49 facilities located in 17 countries.

Image courtesy of Max Bender via Unsplash.

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