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The Connected Car IoT/Big Data Opportunity for Automakers

By Editorial Team on September 5, 2017

*This article is powered by Equinix

For some time now, the interest of automobile manufacturers in collecting data by connected car technologies such as Wi-Fi and IoT and making effective use of this huge amount of data is rising. Such data provides information about the vehicle itself but also about the driver — and often in real-time. Thus, it has a huge potential value for the automotive industry. However, capitalizing on these benefits requires to establish the right infrastructure and define IoT and big data strategies in order to compensate for the effort and cost of collecting and managing connected car data. Furthermore, it must be ensured that value can be created from data throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle.

Michael Winterson, Regional Business Development, Equinix points out some critical requirements that the IT infrastructure must fulfill in order to ensure that data can be collected, stored, distributed and analyzed in the best possible way. First, it must enable to acquire data and analyze it. Based on this, data must then be prioritized to react appropriately — this is especially important when real-time reaction is required. Another requirement of the IT infrastructure is to ensure that personal data gathered about the location and movement must be stored and processed securely. Lastly, to be able to collect, distribute and store data in a continuous and fast manner, Winterson indicates the importance of a constant connection between clouds, networks and partners.

What is needed to cope with the challenges presented by these requirements are global interconnection and colocation hubs that provide a direct and secure interconnection between automakers and their customers, suppliers and partners as well as to network and cloud provider ecosystems. These hubs must meet certain criteria which are real-time responsiveness, high security standards and robust reliability.

For some of the leading automotive manufacturers and emerging IoT technologies in the world, Equinix represents such an interconnection and colocation hub. By offering vendor-neutral colocation and interconnection services, it helps companies in the connected car industry to solve the challenges of building the required IT infrastructures. Equinix supports companies in developing a so-called „Interconnection Oriented Architecture“ (IOATM) strategy and provides an IOA framework that helps to put these strategies into action. Direct and secure interconnection has been put at the core of this approach in order to achieve the best results.


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