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Connected Car

Nuance Boosts Dragon Drive Assistant with AI

By Editorial Team on July 14, 2017

*This article is powered by Nuance

With Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and high-quality text-to-speech, Nuance has long set a standard for user-friendly interfaces in the connected car. Empowering their Dragon Drive platform with AI will take this a significant step further. The automotive assistant of the near future comes with the following technological advancements:

Smart interaction & personalization

Dragon Drive not only understands natural language, it also remembers former exchanges and conversations. Voice biometrics technology makes sure that the assistant always knows who is talking. Consequently, with each exchange the assistant will reach the suitable result much faster and thus makes driving even safer.

Contextual reasoning framework

Dragon Drive processes context information from various sources: car sensors, weather forecast or traffic report. The answer to a driver’s request will therefore conveniently reflect the context, like finding a service station before running out of gas.


With its access to large knowledge databases, the automotive assistant makes sure that driver and passengers always have the right information at the right time – be it car-related instructions from the Smart Car Manual or route-related information from the Travel Guide.

About Nuance

The Nuance Automotive business delivers automotive-grade solutions enabling drivers all over the world access to information and services and providing the safest, smartest and most natural user experience. Nuance’s voice technology has been shipped in more than 160 million cars from Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat and other major automakers and is at the heart of over 14 million connected car experiences on the market today.

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