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Hack a Chip with a Wave of Your Hand

By Editorial Team on June 22, 2017

Most of the security intrusions and hacks are usually caused by software vulnerabilities and malwares. But some researchers are currently working on a new approach to hacking a processor by creating electronic glitches.

During the REcon security conference, Red Balloon Security founder Ang Cui and research scientist Rick Housley presented a tool which creates hardware glitches by using electromagnetic pulses. These attacks caused an abnormal computer behavior and usually result from physical attacks in the system itself.

“The advantage of this technique is that it’s physically noninvasive. You don’t have to touch the device, and you don’t leave any physical marks behind,” Ang Cui says. “There’s no exchange of data at the electromagnetic pulse stage, so this would never be caught by a firewall.”

You can read the original and full article on the Wired website.

Hero image source: Brian Kostiuk on Unsplash

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