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Connected Car

Why Connected Cars Are Driving Companies Out to the Network Edge

By Editorial Team on August 30, 2017

*This article is powered by Equinix

Features of connected cars range from warning drivers about potential accidents to detecting faulty parts before they break down completely and many more services. Yet, the development has just started and many more advancements are going to come. Connected cars are expected to play a huge role in IoT and enhancing automated driving capabilities in future. Therefore, the large amount of data that connected cars are generating must, however, be used and processed effectively.

At the Equinix Analyst Day in June 2016, Jack Wright, the manager of global network planning at Ford Motor Co., stated that their connected cars can generate 25 gigabytes of data per hour, which equals 56 megabyte per second. However, a large part of this information cannot be collected yet. To make this possible, constant, secure and fast interconnection is required.

Only if an agile and mobile IT infrastructure is established the huge amount of data can be captured and analyzed to such an extent. Traditional IT infrastructures do not meet these requirements which is why the development of connected cars represents interesting and promising business opportunities for software companies. Apple and Google are only two prominent firms that already engage in the connected cars industry. The competition between technology and car companies is increasing, all aiming to succeed in the development of a connected car that meets the requirements and desires of the drivers of today and tomorrow.

Challenges that must be met include the acquisition and analysis of such huge amounts of data that are produced by cars. Further, data must be prioritized and real-time reaction must be enabled. Autonomously driving cars must, for example, be able to swerve in case an animal suddenly crosses the street. Such requirements demonstrate the importance of access to secure, fast and constant interconnection anywhere at any time and from any device.

Equinix developed a model called “Interconnection Oriented Architecture” (IOATM) that provides companies with a guideline on how to connect people, locations, clouds and data directly and securely. IOA offers high-performance connectivity that will be as important to connected cars as high-quality materials already are for any car.


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