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Connected Car

When is a Connected Car Not a Car?

By Editorial Team on August 24, 2017

*This article is powered by Equinix

How people perceive their cars and what they expect from them changes constantly. While connected cars in the 1990s provided navigational help, emergency assistance and the like, they already support drivers in parking and avoiding collision today. And the development continues which will make transportation only one of many functions of a car. Connected cars will likely be able to communicate and navigate around traffic obstacles and many more functions are going to come in future.

Connected cars on the road are expected to rise tremendously within the next years with estimations ranging between 69 million cars globally by 2020 and 380 million by 2021. Independent of their exact number, the market research firm Ipsos suggests that the variety of services offered will increase as more and more connected cars are available. They categorize the functions of connected cars in five categories:

  • interaction
  • driving management
  • infotainment
  • convergence
  • safety and security

    However, without interconnection it will not be possible to take full advantage of the potential that connected car industry holds. Companies that identify the present and future needs and desires of drivers may benefit from many new business opportunities. Thus, being interconnected with people, locations, clouds and data is mandatory for connected car companies and must be made a top priority.

    Here, the “Interconnection Oriented Architecture” (IOATM) strategies that Equinix helps companies to formulate and deploy are helpful to take on interconnection-first approaches. IOATM offers interconnection at the digital edge and by this enables companies to develop and deliver those capabilities that drivers desire in connected cars. The „Platform Equinix“, a global interconnection platform, provides support in building an IOATM framework. This platform comprises of more than 180 data centers in 44 markets and offers access to 9,500 potential partners.


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