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Best of The Week

Best of the Week – CW35

By Editorial Team on August 31, 2018

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

1. After second Didi carpooling murder China announces a transport industry reform

In order to safeguard passengers, the Chinese government has announced a plan to reform the transportation industry . This comes three days after a female passenger was allegedly raped and murdered by a Didi Chuxing driver last week. Provinces and autonomous regions are now tasked with setting up passenger safety committees by the end of this month and ensuring that incidents are investigated promptly.

2. Electric cars exceed 1m in Europe as sales soar by more than 40%

Sales soared by more than 40% in the first half of the year, meaning that Europe has hit the benchmark of 1 million electric vehicles. Europe hit the milestone nearly a year after China, which has a much larger car market, but ahead of the US, which is expected to reach the landmark later this year driven by the appetite for Tesla’s latest model.

3. $500M investment for Uber by Toyota

Toyota and Uber are partnering to bring an on-demand autonomous ride-hailing service to market, a deal that includes a $500 million investment from the Japanese automaker. Under the agreement, Toyota Sienna minivans will be equipped with Uber’s self-driving technology and then deployed on the ride-hailing company’s network, the companies said.

4. Yandex leads Europe‘s autonomous taxi push with public test launch in Russia

Russian internet giant Yandex has announced a new autonomous ride-hailing service in the fledgling tech-focused town of Innopolis. Though various car companies across Europe are currently pursuing autonomous car programs, this is the first time such a service has launched to the public on the continent.

5. Tesla will remain a public company

Tesla will remain a public company, CEO Elon Musk said Friday night, less than three weeks after he announced to the world via Twitter that he was considering taking the electric automaker private at $420 a share.

A fun bonus: a Bugatti Chiron built out of Lego.


Image courtesy of Yandex.

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