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Vector Teamed up with SYSGO to Develop Embedded Software

By Editorial Team on December 12, 2017

IT companies Vector and Sysgo launched a joint venture for the development of embedded software for autonomous driving. Both companies aim at creating an integrated software platform and a real-time operating system.

SYSGO, one of Europe’s leading providers of operating systems in safety-relevant environments will bring its expertise in aviation safety and security. On the other hand, the embedded systems specialist Vektor will share its knowledge in software development. With this cooperation, both companies intend to provide engine control unit (ECU) developers with the appropriate solution for the new generation of high performance ECUs. ECUs for automated driving and infotainment system will use the new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform as a future-proof standard.

The joint development also includes specific measures that ensure the effective interactivity between the software and the real-time operating systems. On top of that, the platform supports functions such as fast booting and modern security measures against unauthorized access. In the future, several operating systems with their specific strengths will be used in parallel in ECUs. Therefore, the solution can be extended with additional system partitions for AUTOSAR Classic, Linux or other operating systems. The launch of the joint solution for prototype applications is planned by the end of 2017.

More information is available on the Vector‘s website.

Hero image source: Source Vector

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