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Best Reads of the Week: July 3 – 7

By Editorial Team on July 7, 2017

Every week we’ll share a selection of the most recent news that grab our attention. Here are our favorite picks of the week:

MIT’s New 3D Chip Design Could Be the Key to Powerful Edge Computing

TechCrunch – Darrell Etherington

MIT researchers have developed a new 3D chip fabrication method to create a processor design that supports complex 3D architecture. This new method uses carbon nanotubes and resistive random-access memory (RRAM) which support extremely low temperatures. According to one MIT expert, this new fabrication method could foster the exponential scaling of computer power.

France Will Ban ‘All Petrol Vehicles’ by 2040

CityLab – Feargus O’Sullivan

This Thursday, the French government announced its plan to ban all sales of petrol and gasoline cars by 2040. The city wants to persuade its citizens of the benefits of car-free streets. With the launch of the Paris Respire project, the city debuted three new car-free zones on Sunday and intend to roll out car-free zones like these much further and more permanently.

This Self-Driving Truck Has No Room for a Human Driver — Literally

The Verge – Andrew J. Hawkins

The Swedish startup Einride unveiled a prototype of a self-driving truck with no crew cabin. The electric cabin-less truck can be controlled remotely by a human operator or can operate autonomously. The company intends to deliver “a complete transport system between Gothenburg-Helsingborg” by 2020. The transport system will involve 200 e-trucks with associated charging stations on the route.

IBM Is Challenging Congress’s Apocalyptic Perceptions of AI

Futurism – Tom Ward

IBM representatives are with members of the congress to challenge the view of “fearful prophets envisioning massive job loss, or even an eventual AI ‘overlord’ that controls humanity” – as David Kenny, the vice president for IBM Watson mentioned in his open letter. IBM intends to prove that AI is a source of opportunities and will create jobs, drive progress and help human development.