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Automated Driving

Best Reads of the Week: July 10 – 14

By Editorial Team on July 14, 2017

Every week we’ll share a selection of the most recent news that grab our attention. Here are our favorite picks of the week:

Nvidia Is Powering the World’s First Level 3 Self-Driving Production Car

TechCrunch – Darrell Etherington

The new Audi A8 which is the world’s first level 3 autonomous driving car to go into production is powered by six Nvidia powered systems which include new user interfaces, a new infotainment system, a new virtual cockpit and new rear entertainment options. “The car of the future will make its occupants’ life easier with the help of artificial intelligence,” said Audi Chairman of the Board Rupert Stadler.

This Vertical Transportation Concept Lets You Pedal Your Way up a Building

Futurism – Dom Galeon & Kristin Houser

Would you cycle upstairs rather than taking the elevator? Royal College of Art graduate Elena Larriba created a new kind of bicycle, the Vycle, that could provide a healthier alternative to elevators. According to Larriba, the Vycle could be installed in existing buildings where space is limited or in construction work sites.

Audi’s 25th Hour Project Makes Time the Ultimate Driving Luxury

The Verge – Vlad Savov

Time is one of our most valuable resource. We need to decide on a constant basis how this non renewable and non exchangeable resource should be spent. With its project dubbed 25th Hour, Audi intends to find how future autonomous vehicle might be able to restore the time lost while commuting. Based on the Fraunhofer findings, this research will enable the company to provide every user with a personally optimized automobile interior in the future.

Why Vehicles and Parts Makers Are Now Targeting Buses

Electric Vehicles – Dr. Peter Harrop

According to the new IDTechEx Research report, most of the top 15 electric vehicles (EV) manufacturers build or will build EV buses. In 2050, 80% of people will live in cities therefore urban buses will become a more dominant part of the bus market. Moreover, the increasing control of pollution and private car usage is causing a growing boom in bus purchases.

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