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Automated Driving

Best Reads of the Week: August 28 – September 1

By Editorial Team on September 1, 2017

Every week we’ll share a selection of the most recent news that grab our attention. Here are our favorite picks of the week:

Project Connects Brain Science with Electric Cars

Global Biotech Insights

Duke researcher Stefan Goetz, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral science, electrical engineering and neurosurgery, has developed high-performance electronics that control electrical pulses in noninvasive magnetic brain stimulation. The amount of power used during the surgery is roughly the same as the one required to power a ship. This technology could lead to more efficient batteries for electric cars and solar panels.

MIT’s New Ford-Funded Robot Can Deftly Navigate Pedestrian Traffic

Techcrunch – Darrell Etherington

Future robots employed in service roles will have to learn to navigate through highly populated places such as malls, hospitals or campuses without causing any inconvenience for pedestrians. Together with his team, MIT researcher Yu Fan Chen developed a robot that can move around using its own “socially aware navigation” that is to say by analyzing the implicit human social codes. In order to do so, the robot is equipped with a LIDAR array on top for high-resolution environment sensing as well as webcams for visual input.

Experts Warn That AI-Enhanced Cyberattacks Are an Imminent Threat

Futurism – Kyree Leary

The more connected our devices are the more vulnerable to cyberattacks they become. According to a poll occurring during the Black Hat cybersecurity conference, 62% of the attendees said they “firmly believe AI will be used by hackers within the next twelve months”. To address those potential threats, companies like Google and IBM have already taken some initiatives to strengthen their cybersecurity. With its “AI Fight Club”, Google will train its systems to become more resistant to harmful AI.

Samsung Can Start Testing Self-Driving Cars in California

Quartz – Mike Murphy

The global electronics manufacturer, Samsung, is entering the self-driving car race. The company received a license in the state of California to test autonomous vehicles today. The company recently acquired Harman and stated in the press release about the purchase that “smart technologies” from both companies “will enable the vehicle of tomorrow”. Samsung is now directly competing with the other technology and automotive giants such as Waymo, Tesla, Ford and BMW to name a few.

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